Till Eulenspiegel

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The medieval jester Till Eulenspiegel is as renowned in folklore tales as Reineke Fuchs. Like his vulpine accomplice, Eulenspiegel is up to no good and plays practical jokes on his contemporaries, exposing their vices at every turn. Therefore, it’s only fitting that the king of fools finds his place in our wallpaper collection.

In this cheerful pattern, Eulenspiegel is depicted alongside his two most characteristic symbols: an owl and a hand mirror, which bear the enigmatic meaning of his wicked mockeries. Accompanied by a grotesque face, sticking out it’s tongue perkily, this pattern invites us to embrace our inner child again and make fools of ourselves.

Roll width/length (trimmed): 53cm x 10m

Pattern repeat: 53.5cm / Pattern match: Straight

Please allow about 4 weeks for production.

Further colour variations on demand.