Koloman Moser

The Renaissance of Style

Koloman Moser (1868 - 1918) was one of the founding members of the Wiener Kunstfrühling, also known as the Wiener Secession. Moser’s extensive and varied lifework included painting and graphic design as well as fashion, interior decoration, and stage design. The artist’s distinct style was characterised by geometric shapes arranged to form abstract patterns and ornaments. The concept of a total work of art, assigning both applied arts and the fine arts equally important roles, was of utmost significance to the avant-gardist.

In 1901, Koloman Moser published a catalogue of numerous colour lithographs known as Die Quelle, a portfolio of various pattern designs for wallcoverings and textiles, created to adorn state-of-the-art interiors. Asian ornaments, abstract linear compositions and organic shapes served as source of inspiration. Despite their variety and magnificence, none of these unique designs were ever realised, and they remained ornate drafts and served as museum pieces for more than a hundred years. Today Zeuxis & Parrhasius has breathed new life into Die Quelle and is now reviving all these artworks.

We’ve transformed Koloman Moser’s patterns into unique, skilfully handcrafted wallpapers. In this way, we’ve followed the artist’s intention of combining arts and crafts and turning a mere living space into a sophisticated home. Along with the original colours from 1901, we’ve enriched Moser’s designs by including a wider variety of colours for a modern collection full of compelling singularity. Our intention is to pay homage to the lifework of an “artist of a thousand skills”, to advance it, and to clothe it in modern garb.

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