Wiener Fledermäuse

The sleep of reason produces monsters

In Vienna, our city has forever possessed an innate proclivity for the eerie and the bizarre, akin to the unravelling of a captivating horror tale.
It is not uncommon for us to revel in peculiar festivities, such as merrymaking beside the final resting place of the legendary Falco at the Zentralfriedhof, or partaking in the pleasure of test-driving a coffin at the city's uniquely specialized funeral museum.

For some, the funeral eclipses even the significance of weddings or birthdays. There exists a profound appreciation for the passage into eternity —a "schöne Leich," as we fondly refer to it here. To the uninitiated, such matters may appear macabre and unconventional, yet it is rooted in the embrace of "Morbidezza," an exquisite, melancholic longing for all things otherworldly and fading.
Bats, revered for their mystical allure, hold a special place in Viennese culture. Our love for them is immortalized in Johann Strauss's operetta "Die Fledermaus" and the chic nightclub "Cabaret Fledermaus," both celebrating the nocturnal charm these creatures embody.
In due course, we have crafted a bat-themed wallpaper that serves as a heartfelt homage to these illustrious creatures of the night. Our inspiration was drawn from the aesthetic of antique opera and cabaret posters, evoking the bygone era of theatrical grandeur.
Moreover, we found profound inspiration in the works of one of our most beloved artists, the unparalleled master of darkness, Francisco de Goya. Specifically, we were enraptured by Goya's aquatint in Capricho No. 43, titled "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters."

Its haunting ambiance and the monstrous apparitions that haunt the slumbering mind, serves as the cornerstone of our Bat-themed wallpaper.
The result, "Wiener Fledermäuse," is an extravagant wallpaper, destined to leave a certain thrill to your interiors.

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