Reineke Fuchs

A clever Fox

Since the Middle Ages, foxes in general have had the reputation of being tricksters in traditional European folklore. Undoubtedly, the most illustrious figure in historical fables is the infamous Reineke Fuchs (Reynard the Fox), who is always playing mischievous pranks on both humans and beasts.

Among numerous foreign language adaptations, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Reineke Fuchs” stands out as the most popular version in the German language. Since the nineteenth century, Goethe’s satiric poem became embellished by Wilhelm von Kaulbach, romanticist and court painter of King Ludwig I. of Bavaria. Through his art, Kaulbach created a playful imagery of Reineke and other animal characters.

Clearly, we’ve fallen in love with the cunning little fox and have been completely captivated by Kaulbach’s ingenious animal illustrations. Therefore, this brand-new wallpaper collection showcases a diverse interpretation of Kaulbach’s menagerie. Additionally, we drew inspiration from Goethe’s eighteenth-century savoir-vivre and the famous French cloth, known as Toile de Jouy. Our whimsical entourage of foxes, pranksters, and various bucolic creatures, joyfully bustle about and frolic across the wallpapers. This collection emanates pure joy and happiness.

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